The Hougen Group of Companies - A Yukon Tradition
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The Hougen Group of Companies - A Yukon Tradition
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Roadhouses on the Trail
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A cook for the passengers and stableman for the horses were an essential part of each roadhouse staff.  At peak periods there would be up to twenty roadhouses spaced about twenty miles apart.  The sleighs made about three roadhouses a day – or about sixty miles of travel.

After a day on the trail the last roadhouse was a welcome sight to passengers and horses alike.  Passengers started chatting and the horses, knowing that food and rest were at hand, would give a final burst of speed that set all of the sleighbells ringing.  It was a Christmas card scene.

Moose or caribou steaks with steaming bowls of vegetables were waiting.  On the table were pitchers of hot coffee and squat teapots grouped with sugar bowls, evaporated milk and fresh bread.  There were few complaints.

Roadhouses on the Trail.

Photo 13 Roadhouses on the Trail. Click for larger view.