The Hougen Group of Companies - A Yukon Tradition
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The Hougen Group of Companies - A Yukon Tradition
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Frontier Lumber Operations
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The demand for lumber in the Yukon’s burgeoning communities never ceased.  Lumber camps and saw mills were soon in business wherever a mature stand of trees could be found.  Large timbers and high grade lumber for shipbuilding were imported.

Winter, with its frozen ground and rivers, provided a firm footing for moving heavy loads of lumber and freight from camps to building sites.  In the early days horses were used but with each advancing technology the internal combustion engine emerged as the prime source of power.

This tractor is pulling four sleigh loads of lumber and a caboose into Whitehorse on the frozen Yukon River, the Yukon’s prime axis of commerce – winter or summer.

Frontier Lumber Operations

Photo 14 Frontier Lumber Operations. Click for larger view.