The Hougen Group of Companies - A Yukon Tradition
The Hougen Group of Companies - A Yukon Tradition           HOUGEN BUSINESS YUKON HISTORY HOUGEN FAMILY CONTACT
The Hougen Group of Companies - A Yukon Tradition
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Presidents Whitehorse Board of Trade/Chamber of Commerce


Year Name  Occupation 
1947/48 A.E. Hardy  Canadian Bank of Commerce 
1948/49  A.E. Hardy Canadian Bank of Commerce 
1949/50 Aubrey Simmons  Magistrate 
1950/51  Alan McGregor Mgr. Territorial Supply (UKHM)  
1951/52 Alan McGregorMgr. Territorial Supply (UKHM)  
1952/53 James SmithMgr. Tourist Service  
1953/54 James SmithMgr. Tourist Service  
1954/55 Ernie TheedTransport Div: White Pass  
1955/56 Jim NorringtonPan American Airways  
1956/57 Jim NorringtonPan American Airways  
1957/58 Rolf HougenHougen's Limited  
1958/59 W. (Bill) WalkerNorthern Commercial Co  
1959/60 Rolf HougenHougen's Limited  
1960/61 Jack McCandlessMcCandless & Graham-Plasterers 
1961/62 N.B. WinsbyCanadian Bank of Commerce  
1962/63 Robert G. CampbellCampells Ltd. Building Supplies 
1963/64 David L.G. PorterChartered Accountant 
1964/65 William (Bill) BuchanMedical Doctor 
1965/66 Ralph (Buzz) HudsonLawyer, VanRoggen, Nielsen 
1966/67 Arnie P. PhilipsenWhite Pass 
1967/68 J. Alan WickensCollins & Collings, Chartered Accountant 
1968/69 Rolf KlugVolkswagen 
1969/70 Robert (Bob) ChoateYukon Electrical Co Ltd.  
1970/71 Bert NorrieHougen's Limited 
1971/72 William (Bill) RoydsTerritorial Supply 
1972/73 T. Al KaptyTrans North Turbo Air 
1973/74 Andy Morin/John GillisYukon Electrical / White Pass 
1974/75 Brian Beecham/Chuck HallidayChartered Accountant / Taylor Chev Olds 
1975/76 Chris PearsonOffice Equipment Supply 
1976/77 Orvin ChippettNew Imperial Mines 
1977/78 Iain MacKayChartered Accountant - Mackay Peachy 
1978/79 Doug LinzeyNew Imperial Mines 
1979/80 Jack HoganGeneral Enterprises Co 
1980/81 Jack HoganGeneral Enterprises Co. 
1981/82 Brian MorrisChartered Accountant 
1982/83 Bill DunbarNorthwestel 
1983/84 Pat DixonExpo Commissioner 
1984/85 Gary BauerYukon Electrical Co. Ltd.  
1985/86 Con LattinNorthland Beverages Co. (Pepsi)  
1986/87 Bill WrayWhite Pass 
1987/88 Art PearsonReal Estate Developer 
1988/89 Gordon DuncanTotal North Communications 
1989/90 Jack CableLawyer Cable Veale 
1990/91 Terry BergenReal Estate Developer 
1991/92 Brian EdelmanListers Motor Sport 
1992/93 Don CorothersBeaver Lumber 
1993/94 Don IrwinNorthern Television Systems 
1994/95 Harvey KerslakeYukon Electrical Co. Ltd.  
1995/96 Anne KingKavelle Management 
1996/97 Rick NielsenWhitehorse Motors (Ford) 
1997/98 Ian RobertsonInukshuk Planning & Development 
1998/99 Marj EschakCentury 21 Up North Realty 
1999/2000 Rodney SnowLawyerDavis & Co. 
2000/01 Stephen DunbarNorthwestel 
2001/02 Els LundgaardA Country Affair Crafts 
2002/03 Els LundgaardA Country Affair Crafts 
2003/04 Hector CampbellYukon Energy 
2004/05 Donna MercierMercier Solutions 
2005/06 Ed SagerYukon Electrical Co. Ltd.  
2006/07 Andre RoothmanMiller Thomson LLP